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Waiting on “The One”

Time and time again buyers will unravel the “scroll of needs” that they must have not realizing they are selling themselves short before they even start.  Real estate is all about numbers and everything has a price tag to it even items that are often…

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Video series 4: The Offer

After seeing a handful of properties and narrowing down the one that best suits all of your needs it’s time to submit your offer.  As your Realtor® Vanessa Villanueva will inform you on the best strategies in order to give you…

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Video series 3: The home search

Starting your home search You have your MVM folder in one hand and the pre approval in another which means it’s time to start looking for “the” one.  Prior to our house hunt together it’s important to keep a few things…

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Saving for your down payment

I am always looking to share creative ways to save more money and build onto your savings.  Home buying is an ongoing process so here’s a simple and quick article by Trulia that I felt compelled to share their innovative and creative…

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Key Words to know when you’re getting ready to buy

As you start to build your action plan there are several key words that you should also start to familiarize yourself with and they are as follows: Pre-approval .vs. Pre-qualification (“Pre-qual”):  Although the two may seem identical they are in fact…

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