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Video series 4: The Offer

After seeing a handful of properties and narrowing down the one that best suits all of your needs it’s time to submit your offer.  As your Realtor® Vanessa Villanueva will inform you on the best strategies in order to give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of hearing, “Your offer has been accepted.”  You both will also discuss those list of contingencies Ms. Banks mentions in the video as an additional means of protecting you when moving along into the contract phase.
Another key component in submitting an offer is to pay attention to the comps in the area.  Just because you would like to pay “X” doesn’t mean that is what the average unit in the area is selling for so be sure to be realistic and to stay open minded on what your Realtor® is suggesting.
P.S. Be sure to also organize your latest income & financial documents including your pre-approval as this might be requested of you.